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Insect Feature | May 7, 2016

How Do They Get In?

How do they get in? People ask me that question an awful lot.

The pests we encounter in and around our homes are on the move 24/7. They are always looking for the best place to live and survive. The most important thing to the pests is a safe harborage that offers either food or moisture or both. The environment in and around our homes satisfies these basic requirements for their survival.

So, How do they get in? Most of the homes have common entry points the pests can use to gain entry, such as ill fitting doors or windows, utility penetrations that lead into the walls, poor fits where the siding meets the foundation, weep holes and mortar cracks in masonry construction and vegetation growing on or
touching the home just to name a few.

These and other entry points and harborages the pests can use require a knowledge of the individual pests behavior and the different forms of materials it requires to control them. Bulverde Pest Control, with over 35 years experience, will find the entry points and harborages the pests use and utilize the best forms of materials and techniques to control the pest problems in and around your home.

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